Daniel Day-Lewis and Throwing Stones at Israeli Apartheid

Abu Saguer is a man of great affability. Because of his resilience, his wit, his tenderness with the children, it’s easy to think of his survival in heroic terms, but often he has periods of deep depression, disorientation and forgetfulness. “I’m not scared any more, I can’t explain it, I just don’t care. There’s one God, I’ll die only one time.”

The soldiers have decamped for the moment, but the family is never sure when they will come back. Part of their home has been lost to them. We walk through those rooms that the troops occupy. The curtains chosen with care by Abu Saguer’s wife long ago billow inwards, in unsettling contrast to the camouflage netting in front of the window. His gate is visible from here. I imagine him approaching across the broken ground, struggling with a bag of flour, stooping to unlock and open that little gate.

As we leave, Sue calls her base. Each visit must be registered with and approved by the District Civil Liaison (DCL). We hear that a doctor has been shot dead while treating a wounded boy at a crossroads in Rafah that we passed yesterday.

Entering Gaza for the first time at the Erez checkpoint, we saw some Israeli kids in army uniform — we’d seen them on the way from Jerusalem, hitchhiking or slouching at bus stops, dishevelled, their uniforms accessorised with shades and coloured scarves. Weapons were slung across their backs. They looked like they should have been on the way to school. One girl at Erez wearing eyeliner and lipstick, friendly with the implied complicity of “We’re on the same side,” said: “I’m laughing all the time — I’m crazy.” Most of them appeared indifferent, almost unseeing. We walked through the concrete tunnel separating these two worlds. In the eyes of their bosses, we are a menace because we’re witnesses. All humanitarian workers are witnesses. The UN has been on phase-four alert, the highest level before pulling out completely.

They’re a little tired of being shot at. We travel south from Erez toward Beit Lahiya through the area “sterilised” during “Days of Penitence”. That was Israel’s 17-day military offensive in northern Gaza that started on September 29, after a rocket fired by the Islamic militant group Hamas killed two toddlers in the Israeli town of Sederot, a kilometre away on the other side of the border. These home-made rockets have a five-mile range, so Israel sent in 2,000 troops and 200 tanks and armoured bulldozers to set up a 61/2-mile buffer zone and “clear out” suspected militants. Days of Penitence killed 107 Palestinians (at least 20 of them children), left nearly 700 homeless, and caused over $3m in property damage.

Towards the end of it, even Israeli military commanders were urging Ariel Sharon to stop. He wouldn’t listen. So there is not a building left standing that hasn’t been acned by shells and bullets, many of them with gaping mouths ripped out by the tanks. A vast area has been depopulated and ground into the rubble-strewn desert we find wherever we go. A Bedouin encampment has settled, impossibly, on one of these wastelands. Half a dozen smug-faced camels and a white donkey stand behind the fence waiting for Christ knows what; the air is heavy with their scent. The families have constructed hovels of sheet plastic, branches and jagged pieces of rusting corrugated iron. They look like the last scavenging survivors of doomsday. As we head southwest towards Gaza City, the Mediterranean Sea appears like a mirage, shocking in its beauty: Gaza’s western border.

15 thoughts on “Daniel Day-Lewis and Throwing Stones at Israeli Apartheid

  1. As Jew I am not allowed to live in PA, Saoedie Arab, and a lot of more country’s.
    In Israel there are judges, doctors, ingenieurs part of the Israelian society.
    An Israely arab has all the same right as Israelian Jews.
    The only difference is that they do not have to go to the army, but the are allowed.
    And some of them do go.

  2. You are not allowed to live in Saudi Arabia, which is one of the worst countries in the world, so that’s a good comparison: Even the horrible Saudis don’t discriminate against people who they have occupied an made to suffer horrors for decades.

    Also, the article is talking about occupied Palestinians, not the Israeli citizens. To Israeli, they’re all in Israel. So basically you kick someone in the face, then complain about their face hitting your foot, then bomb them to pieces.

  3. apartheids staat ahould mean that residents are discriminated on ground of race, religion etc.
    In Israel this is not done.
    The from Jordan freed territories are not part of Israel.
    The laws followed there are the Jordan laws.

    Jews used to live in this territories before Jordan occupied it, in te cencus from 1845 and 1900 the bigges group in Jeruzalem where the Jews.
    So why should they not anymore have the right to live there just because Jordan expelled and killed them for 19 years (1948 – 1967).

  4. Even non citizen Arabs living in “Occupied Territories” are allowed to enter to Israel. Until second Intifada there were no checkpoints and the Arabs enter Israeli freely with vehicles the same way Belgians enter France. The need to stop that arrangement and to put fence and gates is due to only high aggression of Islamic terror of second intifada. Now more than 150,000 PA Arabs coming to work each day inside Israel.

    Saying that Israel is a State of Apartheid is extreme idiocy. That means that Jews haven’t right to defend themselves from ongoing Islamic daily terror. Muslim extremists used to launch daily rockets deliberately targeted at Israel civilians, and people had died. If Mexico to launch even one rocket at Texas I’m sure that US army wouldn’t leave stone un-touched in the area from where the rocket was launched, not matter the near-by civilians. Israel stopped, not once, aerial attacks that found to host civilians inside or near-by at the midst of the attack/ No other army does it.

    Hamas use civilians, mainly kids, as human shield for their terror attackers, knowing well that if Israel will detect it on time they will hold the attack, but if the Israel didn’t see it by their intelligence, than it will cost the dead of the kids, which will enable Hamas to blame Israel as “children murderer”. But the real murderers are Hamas itself.

    Listen to what one of the high ranking Hamas leader has to say on the matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTu-AUE9ycs


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  7. IsraeWorst, how dare you blame the Palestinians for rising up against the humiliation of the occupation.. If Palestinians were living in peace and dignity then there would not be a first, a second, and now a third Intifada. The fact is that anyone with a shred of human decency will stand with the Palestinian cause when they learn about what’s really happening on the ground. Which is what is happening with people when visiting “the stolen land of Israel”, and Israelis hate it when these things come out because it defies the system they have put together to prevent the truth from coming out, controlling the media and Hollywood, so even if Daniel Day Lewis dares to ask for an interview with CNN or NBC to share his findings, the Oscar award winner will never get a chance or will get a brief moment then be called and anti-Semite and be damned for life just like what happened to Helen Thomas and others in the past.

    Saying that Hamas is using the Palestinian civilians as human shields was the number 1 excuse by all Israeli officials during the last massacre in Gaza for killing 100’s of children and women, which was denied by the UN analysis. There are still efforts to try to take the Israel PM to criminal court for this.

    No one buys your Zionist propaganda bs anymore..

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